Better life. With electricity.

Ensto is an international family business, which designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation. The company was founded in 1958 and employs ca. 1,600 passionate professionals in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Smart Solutions

We believe in a better life with our smart electrification solutions and a more sustainable tomorrow.

We research and develop new technologies and business models. We create intelligent solutions together with our customers and stakeholders, understand our customers’ businesses and focus on operational excellence. This generates profitable growth mutually.

Better Life

Trust is the cornerstone of all of our activities and that must be earned every day. We respect all people and highlight equality between people. Being people-centric, open and responsible are clearly evident in our activities. We always keep our promises, which makes us a reliable partner.

Our actions are honest, open and just and adhere to laws and regulations. We expect the same from all our partners in business. We want to contribute to the development of a healthy environment and more sustainable production and consumption habits, locally, nationally and internationally. We also assume responsibility through voluntary activities with our surrounding communities and support social activities, such as youth and environmental work, culture and sports.

We contribute to building a better society by creating products and solutions that are used to improve the daily lives of all of us. Hence, we want to be in the frontline of the electrical industry and produce clean solutions and services based on recyclable materials that are reliable and intelligent. When manufacturing the products, we particularly pay attention to a long useful life and low environmental impact.

Ensto Smart Grid

Intelligent Electricity Grid

Reliable Electricity Distribution

Ensto Smart Grid allows energy to be produced, stored and consumed in a flexible, intelligent, economical and reliable manner.

A reliable electricity distribution basic infrastructure, overhead line and underground cable networks, are requirements for the Smart Grid to function. Ensto’s overhead line and underground cable accessories are designed to last decades. They enable the construction of a safe, reliable and energy-efficient grid also in extreme conditions.

Network automation improves the quality and continuity of service with affordable investments compared to non-optimized network. Network automation means significantly less repair costs, less interruptions to power lines and more reliable electricity distribution.

Power quality solutions can be used to maximise the existing distribution grid’s capacity. Power electronics products control voltages, minimise transfer losses, correct voltage asymmetries and reduce total harmonic distortion.

The intelligent LVDC Smart Grid and the associated Ensto Utility Cloud offer a solution for capacity deficiency, electricity quality variances and the grid’s voltage or frequency fluctuations.

Reliability Indexes Measure Quality and Performance

Authorities are increasingly interested in how reliable the electricity supply is, which puts pressure on the electrical utilities to prove how well electricity distribution is working. Companies have started measuring the quantity and length of service disruptions in power distribution. Usually, this is done using the international SAIDI and SAIFI reliability indexes developed by the Electrical Electronics Engineers organisation. The indexes serve as valuable tools when evaluating the performance of power companies’ electricity distribution. Nordic officials have also adopted SAIDI and SAIFI reliability indexes to help monitor electricity distribution.

SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index)
– a system index of average duration of interruption in the power supply indicated in minutes per customer.

SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index)
– a system index of average frequency of interruptions in power supply

Ensto's offering includes products and solutions that improve the reliability of the distribution grid and power supply, which can be used to improve the SAIDI and SAIFI reliability indexes.

Smart Reliability

A Smart Grid Is Reliable

Network Automation

Network automation increases the quality of electricity distribution and improves delivery reliability. The products shorten the duration of supply interruptions, reduce maintenance costs and make the electricity distribution network more reliable.

Ensto Smartcloser is an automated pole-mounted vacuum recloser, which reduces outage duration in the medium voltage overhead line distribution network. It detects and interrupts momentary faults and if the fault is permanent, it automatically isolates the faulty section of the network.

The new Ensto Ergoswitch is a switch disconnector, which ensures optimal management of medium voltage overhead line networks. Its load break switch function allows a load interruption at full load up to 630A. The disconnector function isolates the faulty section of the network due to appropriate insulation distances when the load break switch is in open position. A full range of options including current transformers, motorized command and control command box mean that Ergoswitch fills all essential Smart Grid requirements.

LVAC Power Quality

Low Voltage Alternating Current (LVAC) solution improves quality of electricity and makes it safer for the end users. Power Quality products show their best performance in sparsely populated areas and in holiday housing areas. Our solution enables minimal investment costs but considerably improves low voltage networks.

The consumption of electricity is constantly increasing and the existing distribution networks are having difficulties with meeting the demands of growing electricity consumption. Consumers require high-quality uninterrupted electricity supply 24/7.

Electricity quality standard EN 50160, which was revised in 2011, defines the generally accepted criteria on the quality of electricity distributed to consumers. According to the standard, the voltage fluctuations in a low voltage grid cannot exceed ±10 % of the nominal voltage. Staying within the limits set by the standard and ensuring the availability of consistent-quality electricity also to those consumers who live at the far-end of the low voltage grid requires that the distribution network companies improve their grids especially in rural areas.

Smart Capacity

Smart Distribution Grid Is Flexible and Controllable

LVDC Microgrid

Ensto LVDC (low voltage direct current) enables e.g. independent electricity network branch with microgrid functionality, interconnectivity with renewable energies and energy storages. It increases the capacity of the existing low voltage grid to up to ten times greater than the low voltage alternating current (LVAC) capacity. It naturally offers flexibility and controllability, which would require additional investments in an alternating current grid. High-quality electricity is distributed to customers without supply outages. Customers are also provided with real-time information on electricity consumption and its costs.

Using energy storages and micro power stations, the local direct current grid automatically continues operating as an island grid, even though the rest of the grid would be without power. As a result of adopting the direct current grid, the improved usability of the shortened medium voltage grid and the island grid availability improve supply consistency and reduce the reconstruction costs of the grid.

Like direct current distribution, the micro grid model can be applied in both rural and urban areas. The technology creates new opportunities for network companies and is suitable for wide-scale use alongside traditional distribution grid technologies.

LVDC is an intelligent electricity grid. It allows, for example, flexible demand for individual consumers, renewable energy production and connecting energy reserves to the distribution grid cost-effectively.

Using the cloud-based Ensto Utility Manager system, network companies are able to monitor and manage the measurement and status information obtained from the micro grid system via SCADA connection or logging into the Ensto Utility Manager.

LVDC Microgrid - solution that upgrades your distribution networks

LVDC Microgrid maximizes capacity and minimizes power losses

Economical benefits and higher quality with LVDC Microgrid


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