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The Walker family are moving to Mäntsälä!

This is the Walker family. They are moving to Mäntsälä and have just arrived by train. Dad, Steve, has a new job with Yandex. He’ll be working shifts in maintenance at the data centre. Mum, Beth, is going to set up her own business in the gaming industry. The data capacity that’s vital to business in the digital age will all run smoothly as Mäntsälä is a digital communications hub. Beth has been incubating her concept for a while and now is the time to put it into practice, especially as Mäntsälä has everything small businesses need to succeed!


The Walkers have three children. Their older son Ben is at upper secondary school, Harry is in year five, and little Rosie is four.

The Walkers wanted to move to Mäntsälä because, quite simply, it has everything everyone needs in life. Mäntsälä is a growing municipality, with all the services on the doorstep. The surrounding countryside of this municipality in Uusimaa is beautiful, characterised by typical Finnish manor houses. There are plenaty of jobs and help and support for entrepreneurs looking to relocate.

The family decide to walk from the station to their new home because it’s only a few kilometres away. On the way, they stop off to visit Rosie’s nursery in Kaunismäki. There are happy children playing in the nursery playground and Rosie watches her new friends with interest. The food in the nursery dining room looks yummy!

From the bridge over the motorway they can see Riihenmäki school, where Harry will start next week. The Walkers decide to have a look at his school too. The school playground gets the whole family climbing and playing. Harry can’t wait until school starts on Monday!

From Riihenmäki they walk the short distance to Mäntsälän lukio, where Ben will be studying. After finishing his studies, Ben wants to gain a catering qualification at the Keuda vocational college. Mum and dad are already planning to meet for lunch at Keuda’s fantastic student restaurant Lukkari. Before that though, they visit the Nivos service point at the Citymarket supermarket to sign up for energy and broadband.

One of Beth’s friends has told her about all the great cafes in Mäntsälä such as Ulla and Aleksanteri, Elle, Fidéle and Puisto Bistro. Elle is just around the corner. They sit enjoying coffee and cake, thinking about the autumn ahead.

Ben wants to join the local ice hockey club, Mäntsälän Jää-Tiikerit. There’s a music school near the ice rink where Harry is going to start learning the violin. Rosie will start at a pre-schooler music group, Steve has signed up for Spanish lessons at the adult education centre Mäntsälän Kansalaisopisto and Beth is going to go jogging along the river. The whole family is keen on keeping fit. Vireus is a new gym, with children’s activities too. The kids have got to try Velmumesta!


  • founded in 1585
  • a growing municipality in Uusimaa, halfway between Helsinki and Lahti
  • about 21,000 inhabitants
  • total land area 596 km²
  • a municipality of entrepreneurs: The Mäntsälä model helps new businesses to set up and continues to support them as they grow
  • largest employers: Tokmanni, Yandex data centre, Ball Beverage Packing Mäntsälä Oy, Comforta, Keuda vocational college, Helsinki University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Eteva – Finland’s largest centre of know-how for disabled people, and of course Mäntsälä municipality
  • Living and running a business here is made easier by Nivos Energia Oy, offering electricity, energy, water and broadband – a one-stop shop!
  • Mäntsälä has the most wide-ranging commuter ticket system in Finland

  • Mäntsälä is known for its manor houses, the Mustijoki river and the Mäntsälänjoki river, which flows through the original village with its church
  • more than 22,000 cars use the motorway every day
  • Mäntsälä has the largest church in the Diocese of Espoo
  • Finland’s first female Minister of Defence, Elisabeth Rehn spent her childhood in Mäntsälä
  • Paralympian Markku Niinimäki and musician and actor Taito Vainio have roads named after them in Mäntsälä
  • Employment in Mäntsälä has increased in the past decade at a rate that is the highest in the whole of southern Finland

Visit Mäntsälä municipality’s website to find out more about our beautiful municipality!


Planning the week ahead over a cup of coffee. Grandma is coming to visit. The family are going to give her a proper guided tour of Mäntsälä!

First they’re going to visit the Sepänmäki handicraft museum. The museum is in Hirvihaara and there’s plenty to see and a lot of local history to discover! Next stop will be lunch at Hirvihaara manor. Grandma will enjoy a glass of wine and love the herbs grown in the manor house’s own herb garden.

The Craft Museum of Sepänmäki

Hirvihaara Manor

Grandma likes shopping so they will take her to the Pentik shop for interior design and Juustoportti for cheeses!

In the evening they might go to the theatre, to the cinema or to a concert. There are plenty of options. Mäntsälä has several amateur theatres, Cinema Mäntsälä shows films in the town hall and it might be the first night of that action movie that Grandma’s been talking about!

Grandma is going to spend the night at Ruustinnan Kammari. It’s got a lovely old-fashioned feel and beautiful rooms.

Ruustinnan Kammari

The following day they might drive round to see some of the old manor houses. Saari manor and Sälinkä manor will definitely be on the list, not to mention Alikartano (Frugård), the childhood home of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld who discovered the North-East passage. We did say Mäntsälä was famous for its manor houses!

Mäntsälä for Tourists

Now it’s time to see their new home! It’s over there on the other side of the road. The K2 apartment buildings are completely new, beautiful homes in the heart of Mäntsälä!

Beth notices that the town hall is almost next door. Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys Oy (MYK) is also nearby. She will go there tomorrow to talk about setting up a business. The Mäntsälä model is a great idea! Beth phoned the business development company just a few days ago and now she’s got a meeting booked with all the necessary bodies whose help she needs to set up her gaming business.

Beth will be given advice on setting up a company and MYK will continue to provide help as the business develops. MYK keeps a register of private workspace and local companies and has promised to help Beth’s new company find premises. Later, Beth intends to commission her own, large offices. MYK manages Mäntsälä municipality’s commercial and industrial land, so she knows who to turn to on that point!

It’s no wonder that Mäntsälä is home to a large number of businesses of different sizes when the service is this good! Mäntsälä is the base for discount retailer Tokmanni, with its head office and logistics centre. Ball Beverage Packaging Mäntsälä Oy started making cans in January 2013, in Mäntsälä. All of the hotel laundry in southern Finland is washed at Comforta in Mäntsälä. The search engine company Yandex started up in Kapuli in Mäntsälä in 2014 and Steve will be starting work there tomorrow!

Mäntsälä is magnificent!

Mäntsälän Yrityskehitys

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